Most famous monument in Poland

Monument to the Revolutionary Act - a monument located in the very center of Rzeszów at the confluence of Łukasz Ciepliński Avenue and Józef Piłsudski Avenue. HISTORY OF THE RZESZOW'S MONUMENT The Monument to the Revolutionary Act refers to the battles fought on the region of Rzeszów. The founder of the monument was the first secretary of the KW PZPR (County Committee of the Polish United Working Party) in Rzeszów Władyslaw Kruczek. Works started in 1967. The monument has on [...]

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Direct flights Munich-Rzeszow

Rzeszow-Jasionka is an airport located in Podkarpackie region in Poland, 14 km from Rzeszow. In 2016, over 664 thousand passengers were served by the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, the most in its nearly 70-year history. Nearly 3% increase compared to 2015 results from increased traffic on the most popular directions. MAIN DESTINATIONS FROM RZESZOW-JASIONKA AIRPORT A record number of over 194,000 passengers has used the Ryanair route from Rzeszow to London. In the summer season from Jasionka to the capital of the [...]

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In Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park work almost 5000 people

Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis” in Jasionka near Rzeszów started operating in 2007. The Park is managed by the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency. From the area of nearly 166 hectares there are only few lots left waiting for investors. But just now work here almost 5 thousand people. Among the companies that have invested in Aeropolis this year and bought out plots are, among others Polish companies like Tywent, Elektrozel, Polimarky and a company with British capital Northern Aerospace, [...]

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Podkarpackie Smaki Culinary Trail [must see]

In a nationwide plebiscite - lasting throughout August this year. 32 tourist attractions from all over Poland took part. Podkarpackie Smaki Culinary Trail, the only "alive" culinary trail in the Podkarpackie Province and one of the largest in the country, was the only culinary and gastronomic destination on this list. Podkarpackie Smaki Culinary Trail On the area of 100 thousand. On stage, stalls and conference rooms, more than 160 events took place: meetings, forums, lectures, presentations, demonstrations and trainings. The [...]

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Germany is the most popular country of emigration of the Poles

CBOS (Public Opinion Research Center) research shows that since last 10 years Germany is still the most popular country for Poles wanted to work abroad. In terms of average monthly salary, Germany with a 3,7 thousand euros is in the lead of the European Union. And this argument, combined with the location in the immediate vicinity of both states, is encouraging Poles to seek employment in Germany. Germany the first, UK the second As far as Germany for 10 years [...]

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Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport with ILS System II cat.

ILS (Instrument Landing System) is a system to assist the landing of an airplane in conditions of limited visibility. It is composed of antenna sets that indicate the direction of the belt and the precise descend path to the touchdown point on the runway. It is accompanied by specialized lighting showing descend path, approach zone, touchdown zone and runway axis, all complemented by a comprehensive control and monitoring system allowing individual control of its individual components. ILS II implemented by [...]

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Aero Gearbox’s facility in Ropczyce [Podkarpacie, Poland]

Aero Gearbox International (AGI), a company established jointly by Rolls-Royce and Safran Transmission Systems (Safran), is today celebrating the opening of a new 13,500 m2 facility in Ropczyce (Podkarpackie, south-east Poland region). The site will produce accessory drive trains (ADT) for all of Rolls-Royce’s future civil aircraft engines. The facility already employs more than 50 people and is expected to grow to eventually provide up to 200 direct positions. With the development of the necessary infrastructure and partnerships in south-eastern [...]

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