Have you ever seen such lets call him “street animator” playing with passerbys? Well, to tell you the truth, it was my first time seeing it. This recording was made on 2017-08-20 and it was really good street performance full of jokes with people passing by. This man had – hmm let’s say – “old fashioned tourist” styled sandy colour clothes and small stylized suitcase with some stickers on that and on his head sun hat with funny glasses and jacket with many pockets filed with funny props. Many of jokes were really rediculous. The whole show was comic and entertaining for people watching at the side.

It was perfect time spent having a cup of coffee and looking at this street show with pedestrians.


This is quite new attraction for tourists. As far very popular on the street were people painting, playing music or dressed up mimes with whom you could take a picture. This kind of “street art” is present everywhere. They stay in one place on the street and actually don’t move. The street is flowing, I mean people are walking by, but performers stay in one place on the street and do their job. Pedestrians can stop and watch them for a while.

Animations that I saw today were quite new for me. And I have to say that this kind of street performance is totally different, because performer is also moving among pedestrians. That’s why people don’t realize he is playing with them. And because of that pedestrians nearly always treat him serious. Only after few seconds most of them understand that they are a part of performance and only then they smile. It is surprising and funny and that’s why this street animations are really cool.


It is worth to be conscious that the situation on the street is always very dynamic. People are walking all the time. There are moments that the street is very crowded. Such interactions with people passing by are hard to anticipate, that’s why the animator has really hard exercise – how to make interaction and control it and finally perform it funny without invading privacy of each person.

Well, that was a really good job and nice show!