Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis” in Jasionka near Rzeszów started operating in 2007. The Park is managed by the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency. From the area of nearly 166 hectares there are only few lots left waiting for investors. But just now work here almost 5 thousand people. Among the companies that have invested in Aeropolis this year and bought out plots are, among others Polish companies like Tywent, Elektrozel, Polimarky and a company with British capital Northern Aerospace, which operates in the aviation industry.

Companies in Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park

Tywent is an example of familiar Polish company with headquarters in Tyczyn (podkarpackie) that was founded in 1973, produces modern in- and out- ventilation units equipped with heat recovery. On a plot of 1.5 ha will build a new plant.

Another company from Podkarpacie, which in 2017 invested in Aeropolis is Elektrozel. The park will produce electronic controls for gestures, dedicated to for people with reduced mobility and brushless motor control systems assembled in household appliances.

Polimarky company will produce in Aeropolis non-inflammable, halogen-free crosslinked cable mixtures.

Structural components of the wings, suspension parts and landing gear for aircraft are produced by Northern Aerospace.

In Aeropolis will be produced by Dopak company from Wroclaw components from composite materials for use in aviation, automotive and aerospace.

In Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park already operate companies like:

  • ML System – manufacturer of innovative photovoltaic modules,
  • Metall Expres – supplier of metallurgical products for the power, railway and building industries,
  • Cyfrowa Foto – a digital photo printer specializing in low-cost production of photo albums,
  • Fibrain – producer of fiber and copper cables.