ILS (Instrument Landing System) is a system to assist the landing of an airplane in conditions of limited visibility. It is composed of antenna sets that indicate the direction of the belt and the precise descend path to the touchdown point on the runway. It is accompanied by specialized lighting showing descend path, approach zone, touchdown zone and runway axis, all complemented by a comprehensive control and monitoring system allowing individual control of its individual components.

ILS II implemented by Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport

Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport obtained at the Civil Aviation Authority a certificate authorizing the issuance of a landing permit in low visibility conditions for Cat II on runway in direction of 27. This document confirms the correct operation of the precision guidance system and the readiness of the airport for its proper operation. The new ILS CAT II certification means that planes will be able to land in much weaker weather, which will translate into longer operating times, and planes will be redirected to other airports less frequently.

So far ILS in the category I landing in Jasionka could take place when the visibility along the runway was not less than 550m. The crew approaching the landing of the plane had to see the approach light from the min. 60 meters. New systems installed at the airport will allow landing at the visibility of the runway in 300m ahead. The minimum height at which the crew must see the approach light has dropped to 30 meters. – says Zbigniew Halat, Vice-President of Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport.

The investment was financed by the Polish Air Navigation Agency. Airport was obligated to reconstruction of the infrastructure needed for proper operation of this system, such as redevelopment of lighting approach or lighting of the runway.