Buy cheaper. For some of you I can be sounded boring reading all the time that “everyday we have a lot of opportunities to save money!” Well, sorry about that, but it is true 😉 I have already written about it here. How could we take advantage of these opportunities? It’s enough to be conscious of the prices of products we buy. I know that it is not possible to remember all product’s prices, but for sure it’s possible to remember the prices of products we love or that we buy from time to time. So, I don’t think it is something difficult. Each of us can save money if he/she will pay attention to prices and will be aware of them. Today I have found next example how to gain on buying.

Let’s have a look at Ritter Sport chocolates. I think that you have heard about them, because they are specific – square shaped. At the same time this chocolate in Rossmann (drug store chain) costs 1,05 euro. While in Penny (discount supermarket) the same chocolate costs only 0,65 euro! This shows how much money you can save while buying one chocolate! Have a look, it is exactly 0,40 euro savings per one chocolate (38% cheaper in Penny). However it might seem to be quite small amount, but such “small” numbers means a lot! Of course, it doesn’t mean that Penny always has lower prices than Rossmann.

And at the end of this post, let me help you understand one thing. I have written this post giving you also the names of the shops only to show you real fact that prices of the same product can be extremely different at the same time in different shops. So always remember to compare prices when you buy anything. It will be good for you and your wealth.

1 chocolate = 0,40 euro.

10 chocolates = 4 euro.

100 chocolates -> you save 40 euro!

Isn’t this unbelievable how such small sums of money can matter at the end of a month or a year?