Shopping in general is very easy. You go to the shop, take a basket, go among shelves and put product into your basket, then you pay, go home and then you enjoy products you bought. It’s easy work. For most of people it is  even great pleasure and good (maybe best?) way to spend time. Well, it might be so, but like this you probably won’t save money, but only spend them. Of course, you don’t have to save money if you are very rich.

However imagine that saving money can be also great fun, pleasure and best method for spending time. This way you will not only buy something wonderful, but you will pay less money and you will have SATISFACTION that you made a great deal! You will feel just like winner! I think this feeling is very important and it is some kind of prize for your efforts to find profitable offer.

By the way, very often prices of the same products differs considerably between shops (trade networks) and that’s why I am always angry (you would be probably too), when few days later I can see the same product much cheaper in the other shop.

How to save money during everyday shopping?

Nowadays the world is connected to internet, so it’s easy to compare products that you want to buy. You can compare features and prices of desirable products and then make decision where and how to buy it. You can everything check on internet and go to traditional shop and buy it, or buy online and the product will be send on your address.

So, what should you do? First of all …

  1. make a list of products you need
  2. look through internet searching them and comparing prices and other qualities of the products (I do it especially when I buy electronics, cosmetics, cleaning products or furniture, etc.)
  3. buy the cheaper ones (including delivery cost)
  4. enjoy the purchase and your savings! 

Many trade networks (markets) issue catalogues with special offers valid in a period of time (week or month). The catalogues are printed, but they are also available on internet (PDF files). And this is great source of good offers of the moment. You should take advantage of these promotions and buy goods we have on our list in lower prices.

Be aware that the fact that specific product is published in such catalogue is not guarantee that it’s promo price is really low. Merchandisers and marketers sometimes misguide clients. That’s why YOU must be SMART and verify prices! By that means savings will be yours and you will be the winner!