Candles – new Travel Gifts

Candles in a shape of your favourite sightseeings Have you ever seen candles in a shape of your favourite symbols, sights, places, statues, etc? Now these famous objects can lie on your table and can remind you the best moments from your travels. You can burn such candle and make fantastic atmosphere for you and your friends. Such beautiful evening your friends will remember for a log time. Now look at exemplary shapes of our candles - your travel gifts! [...]


Trip to Venice (Venezia) from Munich in June 2017

When you live in Munich (Germany) and you would like to spend some time in the sun and in the water, do some historical sightseeing and take advantage of perfect cuisine, there is only one direction to profit from all named above – go to Italy. It is in the south of Germany. You go throught Austria and you get to Italy. From Munich to Italian border in Brennero is only about 200 km. All the way you go highway. [...]


Verona trip from Munich, June 2017

Bed and Breakfast Arte nel Centro in the city center of Verona. It is a perfect localization. It will take only 7 minutes walk  (about 550m) from this hostel to "I portoni della Brà" - it's an archway (old gate) to the antique city center of Verona. Behind this stone archway with a clock, there opens the most beautiful part of Verona, full of narrow and charming streets and antique architecture. The antique city center of Verona is in semicircle from [...]

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