Compare prices, buy cheaper and save your money

Buy cheaper. For some of you I can be sounded boring reading all the time that “everyday we have a lot of opportunities to save money!” Well, sorry about that, but it is true 😉 I have already written about it here. How could we take advantage of these opportunities? It’s enough to be conscious of the prices of products we buy. I know that it is not possible to remember all product’s prices, but for sure it’s possible to [...]

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How to save money during everyday shopping?

Shopping in general is very easy. You go to the shop, take a basket, go among shelves and put product into your basket, then you pay, go home and then you enjoy products you bought. It’s easy work. For most of people it is  even great pleasure and good (maybe best?) way to spend time. Well, it might be so, but like this you probably won’t save money, but only spend them. Of course, you don’t have to save money [...]

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Make saving money your primary everyday habit

Saving money is a process which is composed of everyday even small, single act of saving. It is very important to be systematic, because when you save regularly, you will reach the best results of this  activity and you will save more money. Let's have a look at Warren Buffet, who is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. What does Warren Buffet say on earning? "Never depend on single income. Make investment to create second source." So, it's better [...]

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Saving money is the way of thinking

Saving money is not easy thing, especially when you have not enough money for meeting everyday fundamental needs. Very often people complain that they earn to less they should, but sometimes their complaining is not adequate to the level of their salaries. They rail, because they like it. It's some kind of their manner. But let's set it aside and go back to saving. When we have for example middle-level wages or more, saving money is quite easy. The problem [...]

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